Campaign Management

Working together we will plan, test and develop campaigns for our clients' products or services in order to generate the best possible exposure that will guarantee a return on investment.

Brand Awareness and Loyalty

Our marketing solutions are built around the customer experience and we know that meeting customers face to face is the best way to establish trust, make connections and build brand loyalty. Our event marketing approach allows us to be fully engaged with customers to provide a memorable positive experience.

Event Marketing

Event marketing is an engaging and incredibly powerful form of advertising that allows businesses to communicate in person with their consumers.

About Norfolk & Suffolk Promotions

We are an enthusiastic event based marketing company working exclusively on behalf of some of the UK’s biggest brands. We have a variety of clients we represent in the Food, Telecom, Charity, Banking and Entertainment industries. Our personal event based face-to-face approach allows us to meet with potential new customers directly.
Businesses all around the world use different forms of marketing in order to generate brand-awareness & to obtain new customers. Traditional forms of marketing such as social media, television, leaflets, billboards and radio are all great, yet they don’t all guarantee results.
Clients using our services all agree doing business directly face-to-face is far more engaging, interactive, informative and we can guarantee the results clients are looking for.

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Customer Acquisition - 93%
Customer Retention - 98%
Sales - 98%